High Praise for Montepeloso’s 2018s

High Praise for Montepeloso’s 2018s   Under the direction of owner Fabio Chiarelotto, Montepeloso has established itself as one of Tuscany’s most exciting estates. For the last 20 years, Fabio has strived to produce wines with elegance and finesse, qualities difficult to achieve in the hot climate of Suvereto on the Tuscan coast. Slowly, Chiarelotto is receiving the rewards of his passion. The buzz that has been spreading through Europe over the past few years has leapt the Atlantic. A …

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Riesling Wine: How Well Does It Age?

A sommelier prepares a glass of Riesling wine for tasting

As a white grape varietal, Riesling is well-known by professionals and consumers in the food and wine industry. While still a fan favourite amongst sommeliers, its limited retail presence has caused this wine to slip under the radar of some. However, the question many ask about Riesling is: Does it age well?  Riesling can in fact be enjoyed both young or aged, depending on the style and structure of the wine. However, there are many considerations that must be kept …

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The Importance of Understanding Wine Aroma

A man sniffing a glass of white wine as part of wine tasting.

We’ve spoken previously about the importance of mastering wine tasting skills in order to truly appreciate every glass of wine. One of the core basics of wine tasting is identifying the nose of a wine – its condition, intensity, and aroma characteristics.  As you may already know, determining a wine’s aromatic profile is just as important as being able to decipher whether a wine is bitter, salty, or sweet. After all, our first initial impression of a wine is based …

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Chianti: A Guide to Tasting Notes & Food Pairing Ideas

An image depicting a rolling hillside covered in vineyards.

As an export, Chianti is as famous and respected as pasta, pizza, and espresso. Many wine enthusiasts will be able to cast their minds back to a particularly fond memory of tasting this renowned Italian wine.  Many have asked the question: Is Chianti a grape or a region? Similar to Bordeaux or Champagne, Chianti derives its name from its place of origin rather than its grape varietal. Made primarily with the classic Tuscan grape, Sangiovese, this wine is more than …

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Riesling: The World’s Most Versatile White Wine Grape?

  Riesling is an aromatic white wine known for producing a wide array of wine styles, from bone dry to very sweet. Native to Germany, this white wine varietal is now present in many cool and warm climate regions around the world, where it is often praised as a favourite for many wine enthusiasts. In this article, we will quickly review the history of this wine, characteristics common to this varietal and core wine regions responsible for the production of …

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5 of the Most Popular Italian Wine Grape Varietals

Understanding Italian Wine: A Guide to the Most Planted Grape Varietals  Italy is home to some of the world’s most delicious and breathtaking food, wines and landscapes. With over 20 different wine regions ranging from Lombardy and Valle d’Aosta in the north of the country to Puglia and Calabria in the south, it is no wonder that this renowned wine-producing country has plenty of grape varietals on offer – just under 400 native varietals are used to make wine commercially …

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Greek Wine: Delving Into Santorini’s Assyrtiko Grape

Exploring Greek Wine: The History Of Assyrtiko Grape   Assyrtiko is by far one of the most iconic grape varieties from Greece. Native to the Cyclades island of Santorini, Assyrtiko has developed a reputation in the wine industry as a versatile grape. The Assyrtiko grape variety has the capability of making wines in a multitude of styles. Ranging from fresh white wines to nutty dessert wines and is widely applauded by chefs all over the world for its food-pairing prowess. …

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Fortified Wine: The Ultimate Guide To This Wine Type

From sherry to port, fortified wines come in a variety of colour, flavour, and sweetness. One thing they have in common, however, is that these wines have all gone through – as the name suggests – the process of fortification. In this article, we will discuss the fortification process, the different expressions of fortified wines and the considerations to keep in mind when pairing them with food. What Is Fortified Wine? A glass of fortified wine is a true delight …

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Champagne: Celebrate The New Year With This Classic

A glass of Champagne is a great sparkling wine option to celebrate many wonderful occasions.

Champagne is most often associated with elegance, celebration, happiness and extravagance. With the New Year being reigned in all over the world, many wine aficionados choose this sparkling wine for marking the beginning of a brand new year.  Yet, the history behind Champagne shows that this sparkling wine is more than just the celebrations it is associated with. Below, we discuss its origins and the best food pairing options to choose when serving.  The History Of This Sparkling Wine Many …

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Wine Rack Or Wine Cellar: Which Is The Better Storage Option?

When it comes to wine storage, there are many options you can choose from such as wine rack vs wine cellar vs wine cooler.

Wine Storage: Which is the Best Option? For many wine enthusiasts looking to expand their wine collection, one of the main queries they may have is which storage option is right for their needs. There are many considerations that need to be kept in mind when choosing a wine storage option. For example, if you go down the route of a wine cellar then price and location are two factors that will play a large role. In this article, we …

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