High Praise for Montepeloso’s 2018s

High Praise for Montepeloso’s 2018s   Under the direction of owner Fabio Chiarelotto, Montepeloso has established itself as one of Tuscany’s most exciting estates. For the last 20 years, Fabio has strived to produce wines with elegance and finesse, qualities difficult to achieve in the hot climate of Suvereto on the Tuscan coast. Slowly, Chiarelotto is receiving the rewards of his passion. The buzz that has been spreading through Europe over the past few years has leapt the Atlantic. A …

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Winter and Wine: 5 Wine Categories to Try This Winter Season

An image of two wine glasses and an appetizer in front of a fireplace

Sipping a crisp, vibrant wine outside at a summer BBQ is lovely. However, taking shelter from the cold beside a cozy fire with a glass of a bold red or full-body white is equally as enjoyable. Below, we will look at the top grape varietals to try during the colder months.  Winter Warmers: Why This Season is the Perfect Time to Enjoy Wine As a wine enthusiast, you’ll know that wine can be enjoyed at any time of the year. …

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Malbec Wine Origins: Exploring Argentinian Malbec

An image of a bottle and glass filled with Malbec wine

Argentina may be famous for its production of Malbec, however, this grape varietal’s origins trace back to the Cahors region in southwestern France dating back to the 1300s. In this informative wine guide, we will be introducing wine lovers to the iconic Malbec grape.  History of the Malbec Grape Although this red grape varietal is largely associated with Argentina today, its history has deep European origins. It is believed that Malbec was first discovered in the Cahors region of France …

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What is Cabernet Sauvignon?

An image of two glasses and a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most popular red wines in the world. Learn about this iconic hybrid red wine grape varietal and its characteristics.

All You Need to Know About Orange Wine

An image of a selection of corked wine bottles

Red, white, and rosé are words we hear all the time when describing wine. However, orange wine is another wine term that doesn’t often get mentioned during tastings or wine discussions. Below, we dive into the world of orange wine. From what it is to how it is made, and what its characteristics are.   What is Orange Wine? You are browsing the wine list at a brand new restaurant. Underneath the familiar red wines and white wines, you see an …

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Discovering the Gewurztraminer White Wine Grape

An image of a woman holding a glass of white wine

Gewurztraminer is a unique white wine varietal that is cherished by wine enthusiasts all over the world. Known for its intense floral aromas and different styles, this aromatic grape is the perfect addition to any wine collection. Below, we unveil the mystery of the gewurztraminer grape including its origin, tasting notes, and more.  Origins of Gewurztraminer: A Noble Alsace Grape While many researchers are unsure of the exact origins of the gewurztraminer grape, Alsace is this grape varietal’s spiritual home. …

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Grenache: Understanding This Underrated Red Grape Varietal

An image of two glasses of red wine and a cheese plate

This thin-skinned red grape varietal is an unsung hero. Most likely originating in the region of Aragón in northern Spain or on the island of Sardinia, it is now mostly grown in France (where it is known as grenache noir) and Spain (where it is called Garnacha). Below, we will introduce you to the Grenache grape including its history, regional characteristics, flavour profile, styles, and more.  Understanding Grenache’s History This underrated red grape varietal has a history as rich as …

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Wine Tannins: Can You Be Sensitive To Them?

Red wine is known for having high levels of wine tannins which isn’t good news if you have a wine tannin sensitivity. However, there are low-tannin wines that you can still enjoy.

Can You Have An Intolerance to Wine Tannins?  If you can’t happily sip a glass of Merlot for an evening without experiencing unpleasant side effects, then it may be an indication that you have a sensitivity to wine tannins.  Similar to other allergies, people can be just as intolerant to wine as they are to gluten, peanuts or pollen. In fact, having a sensitivity to alcohol is very common with approximately 9% of women and 5% of men experiencing it …

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A Guide to Pairing Wine With Salmon

An image of a seasoned salmon sharing plate.

As we are right in the middle of the typical August heatwave, many favour lighter meals such as fish or salads. One particular favourite is salmon. This luscious, fatty, meatier fish has the flavours and textures to pair with many wines, even reds.  Salmon in many ways is an extremely versatile fish. It can be served as a refreshing entree or as an equally delicious main course. For many wine lovers, their first thought is to pair this with a …

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