Located in the centre of the country, Emilia-Romagna could lay claim to the food capital of not only Italy but possibly the world. It is famous for its cheeses (Parmagiano Regianno and Grana Padano), cured meats (proscuito di Parma, mortadella, pancetta and cotechino) and balsamic vinegar. Not to mention its contribution to car racing (Ferrari, Lambourghini and Maserati).

Pasta is a favorite food in the region, and most areas consider tagliatelle their favorite shape. It is often served with a bolognese meat sauce. In Bologna they also serve lasagne verdi, a layered pasta dish made with spinach flavored pasta sheets, meat ragout and béchamel, while Parma is famous for serving
tagliatelle with a sauce made with browned chicken livers, beaten egg yolks and grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

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