Villa di Corlo

The Villa di Corlo winery is managed and owned by Antonia Jacobazzi. The winery is located in the Grasparossa area and grapes are grown on one fourth of the 250 acres estate: Villa di Corlo, now the summer home of Antonia and her husband.

Villa di Corlo dates back to the end of the 1600’s and is located in Baggiovarra approximately 10KM SW of Modena in Emilia Romagna and is a beautiful villa that was a wedding present for the grandmother of Antonia’s husband. In addition to Lambrusco, Villa di Corlo produces traditional balsamic vinegar in the attic of the Villa.

For years Lucca d’Attoma was the consulting oenologist. Antonia recently planted Chardonnay grapes with the intent to make a high quality sparkling wine and hired Alberto Musatti of Franciacorta winemaking fame to be the new consulting oenologist.

Many Lambrusco producers will fully ferment the juice and purchase lower quality must from a cooperative to restart the fermentation just before bottling. Antonia feels that by purchasing another producer’s must she would lose control of quality and cleanliness. Instead, she uses autoclaves (temperature controlled/pressurized stainless steel tanks) to partially ferment the juice and then cools it to 32 degrees. At the time of bottling she warms the juice and a second fermentation begins. The CO2 is trapped in the wine and bottled on the estate directly from the tanks. Bottling occurs fresh only as the demand requires. This is a risky and far more expensive technique.

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