Best Wines This Patio Season

A hand pouring white wine into two wine glasses while dining outdoors

Patio season is in full swing at The Small Winemakers Collection. Whether you prefer a picnic on a patio with friends and family or a heartier meal dining outdoors at your favourite restaurant, the right wine can make any meal that much better. This season’s wine picks range from fresh florals and fruit varietals to bold and elegantly structured wines. The right bottle of wine will enhance your dining experience and blend exquisitely with your dish of choice. It will …

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Our Wine Gift Guide for Father’s Day

A man enjoying a glass of wine with his family

With Father’s Day around the corner, many of you may plan different things to make this important person in your life feel extra special and thank him for all the love he has given you. There’s no better way to celebrate this Father’s Day than giving your dad a delicious bottle of wine.  If your father happens to be a wine enthusiast, we guarantee that they will enjoy nothing more than sharing their favourite bottle of wine with friends and …

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The Best Wine With Sushi and Why It’s A Match Made In Heaven

An image of two people enjoying a selection of sushi

Sushi and wine make an excellent pairing once you know what you’re doing. This delicate Japanese cuisine has been enjoyed for many years in Western countries. While you might instinctively pair sushi with sake, there are plenty of exciting wine pairing options that are equally delightful.  Below, we share tips on how to pair wine with sushi and the best wine with sushi pairing options that you can try with this diverse Japanese cuisine.  What to Look For When Pairing …

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Syrah vs Shiraz: An Overview of This Iconic Grape Varietal

An image of a glass of Shiraz red wine

Shiraz, as it is typically known in the new world (also known as Syrah in the old world), offers a juicy and fruit-forward profiled wine. On the other hand, Syrah is savoury, elegant and refined at its best. While they are the same grape varietal, these wines have their own unique characteristics and flavour profiles.  Below, we look at all you need to know about the Syrah/Shiraz grape varietal, including its origins, characteristics, food pairing options, and which bottles of …

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Best Wine with Pizza: Top Pairing Ideas

An image of two girls enjoying their pizza and wine pairing

Who doesn’t love indulging in a delicious pizza now and then? This Italian specialty is one of those rare meals adored by everyone. It can be served during a dinner party or enjoyed alone as a midnight snack. Either way, pizza is truly the ultimate comfort food. Yet, many ask: Which are the best pizza and wine pairings?  The best wine with pizza is a wine that matches two components: the pizza sauce and your chosen pizza toppings. Below, we …

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Exploring French Rosé Wine: By Region

An image of three people holding glasses of French rosé wine

Rosé wine is a hit for many wine lovers anytime of the year. While it may seem that its popularity has risen dramatically over the years , the reality is that rosé wine has been appreciated globally for centuries.  Yet, one country’s expression of this style of wine can differ from another. Although rosé is made in almost every wine region across the globe, the benchmark is usually a classic French rosé.  The French set the bar for this refreshing …

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Sauvignon Blanc: Why is This Grape Varietal So Popular

Sauvignon Blanc wine is iconic for its acidity, versatility and food-friendly flavour profile.

Sauvignon Blanc is the second most popular white wine in the world, after Chardonnay. Globally, sales of Sauvignon Blanc increased 38% in 2021, more than the overall average increase in wine consumption. Despite its popularity many wine lovers can be unsure of its origins and distinctive taste profile. Sauvignon Blanc is a wine that has expressive and aromatic aromas ranging from tropical notes to crisp citrus and grassy.  Additionally, its memorable, refreshing acidity leaves a lasting impression on the palate. …

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The Ultimate Pinot Grigio Wine Guide

A lady holding a glass of Pinot Grigio while waiting for her meal to be served.

Pinot Grigio is a light, delicious, and zesty white wine that is a favourite among many wine lovers. Originating in France, this ubiquitous white grape varietal is anything but simple. Below, we’ll introduce you to one of the most popular white wines worldwide.  Discovering Pinot Grigio: A Versatile White Wine  Pinot Grigio (or “Pinot Gris”) first appeared in Burgundy, France, as early as the Middle Ages. A mutation of Pinot grape family, this versatile grape became known for its peculiar …

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Pinot Grigio vs Sauvignon Blanc: Which is Which?

Pinot Grigio vs Sauvignon Blanc is a comparison that has puzzled many wine enthusiasts

Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc are two renowned white wines. Some wine lovers are fans of both. At the same time, others are devoted to one over the other as personal taste plays a significant role in wine preference.  When it comes to Pinot Grigio vs Sauvignon Blanc, you must educate yourself on the core similarities and differences of these two white grape varietals. Below, we’ll explore each grape’s characteristics and how to distinguish one from the other.  Pinot Grigio …

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What Food Pairs Best With Cabernet Sauvignon?

An image of two people enjoying a recommended Cabernet Sauvignon food pairing

Cabernet Sauvignon is an iconic wine grape. With many styles offering intense and bold flavours, wine enthusiasts can feel unsure about which dishes pair best with this full body wine. Yet, following simple wine pairing principles can make all the difference.  Looking for inspiration? This article will explore the best Cabernet Sauvignon food pairing options that you should try. We also will provide tips on how to approach a Cabernet Sauvignon pairing in terms of acidity, tannins, body, flavours, and …

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