Lazio is located South of Tuscany on the West side of the country. Volcanic soils in the hills overlooking Rome provide an excellent base for viticulture. The lava and tufa soils are rich in potassium. This type of soil is particularly suited to white grapes and the region’s reputation is largely based on white wine. The Tyrrhenian Sea to the west provides cool sea breezes to temper the drier, warmer temperatures on the coast, while the mountainous area is subject to various macroclimates despite being protected by the Apennines from the cold winds coming from the northeast.

Meat is a particularly important part of the diet. Coppiette is an air dried salami stick made from horse meat, while guanciale, a cured meat made from the cheeks of wild boar, is used to prepare the famous carbonara and bucatini Amatriciana. Porchetta is made by stuffing a pig with salt and spices and slowly roasting over hot coals. Penne all’arrabbiata is topped with a piquant tomato sauce seasoned with chili peppers and garlic.

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  • Casale-Marchese-Frascati-Superiore

    Casale Marchese Frascati Superiore 2022

    The Casale Marchese estate makes Frascati as it should be made. They use the best clones of Malvasia and only the best 15 – 20% of their grapes are sold under their label. The remainder is sold to the local co-operative. The estate practices sustainable farming, coupled with high density, short-pruned planting, yielding limited grapes per vine. The result is optimal fruit concentration.



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