Villa Mattielli

Villa Mattielli was founded in 2009 in the “land of the Soavi”, east of Verona by Roberta Roncolato and her husband Giacomo. Don’t let the recent date of incorporation deter you as there is a great deal of history behind this estate. Roberta happens to be the 4th generation of the Roncolato family winery that has deep roots in the Valpolicella and Soave wine story and the estate is really an offshoot to their existing family winery Roncolato. Roberta’s father, Antonio is in his 70’s and needed to start a transition away from the winery and hand over the reigns to his daughter, so the family estate and vineyards are being reborn as Villa Mattielli.Valpolicella is a Veneto wine region comprised of five parallel valleys, starting northwest of Verona, fanning out eastward toward Soave. It is in the easternmost valley of Illasi in which Villa Mattielli Valpolicella vineyards are located. Relative to the Valpolicella Classico growing zone, the Illasi Valley is closer to the cooler influence of the Lessini Mountains and further from the warming influence of Lake Garda to the West. Some would argue that it is the eastern part of Valpolicella that is attracting a newer, vibrant energy to the Veneto wine scene. The family’s vineyards have always had a reputation for production of high quality Valpolicella and Soave wines. While Valpolicella has a good positioning around the world, they feel Soave is an under-appreciated category, which they hope to change in the not too distant future.

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  • Villa-Mattielli-soave-classico-campolungo

    Villa Mattielli Soave Classico Campolungo 2018

    From a family winery which has a reputation for turning out exceptional Soave (Villa Mattielli of the Roncolato family). This Soave “Campolungo” is the result of a semi-late harvest, and it is an impressive benchmark Soave Classico.

  • Villa-Mattielli-Valpolicella-Ripasso-San-Giacomo

    Villa Mattielli Valpolicella Ripasso San Giacomo 2017

    “Ripasso” Valpolicella wines are so named as they are Valpolicella wines which have undergone a second fermentation on the lees of an Amarone della Valpolicella. The result is a wine with a nature that sits somewhere between the entry level Valpolcella and the very robust Amarone.



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